Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Perfect prints, every time: Bleed

(Follow along with this tutorial here:  Youink Card Wizard )

When printing hundreds of cards at a time, minor variations in image placement may occur, and even for a machine, it may be difficult to print right to the edge of the paper.

To remedy this problem, printers ask that your design extend to the "bleed" line, and you may have wondered what that means and why it's so important. We'd like to explain this part of your print job so your cards look perfect, every time.

When printing your design, it's best to leave a margin of .25" between the edge and your artwork and information. Printer's use this extra space to make sure that during the cutting and trimming of your cards, there is some leeway around your design and that no images or information get cut out.

The red line is the bleed or cut line, and the blue dotted line is the safety zone. Your design should extend to the edge of the red bleed line, and all important information or images should stay within the bounds of the blue safety line.

This card is done right. The artwork extends all the way through the red bled line, and all the information is comfortably within the blue safety line.

This card is not done correctly, the information goes over the blue safety line and is in danger of being cut off.

You should not have any important design elements or text between the bleed and safety lines, or you risk that information getting cut out of your finished card.

We hope this article helps you print the perfect card for your business!

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