Friday, May 8, 2015

Perfect Prints: The Youink wizard tutorial

We here at take great pride in our easy to use, intuitive, and powerful template design wizard.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover the basic and advanced features of our design wizard, and provide you with the tools to bring your creative vision to life!

The design wizard

This is the template designer. If you’d like to follow along with the design used in this tutorial, it can be found here: Example card

You’ll immediately notice a red border, which is your “cut line.” Artwork should extend all the way to the edge of this border and will be visible under it.

You’ll also notice a dotted blue border, known as your “safety line”. Because your card is cut along this line, your contact information as well as any important artwork should stay within the bounds of this line.

You can toggle these lines on and off just by pressing the “HIDE SAFETY LINE” and “HIDE CUT LINE” buttons underneath the wizard in order the view the creatives on their own.

To flip to the back of your design, use the “BACK” tab along the top of the wizard, and you can revert to the front using the “FRONT” tab.

To switch to a vertical, portrait orientation, just click the “Rotate” button underneath the template designer.

You have extensive font options as well that allow you to adjust the font style, color, and size, or you can choose to stretch, skew and rotate your text.

When you click on any text input field, a blue box will highlight the selected text. You can use the handles on the sides of the highlighted text to enlarge or shrink the text to a custom size or the center handle to rotate your text.

Underneath the text input area, you’ll see the font name, size, and a color wheel. Pressing these buttons allow you to adjust the font style, size, and color easily.

Once you’ve adjusted your creative design to your liking, you can click the “Next” button to review your design and choose your card quantity and paper stock, or “Save For Later” to create a different design.

If you’re logged in to a user account, you can click the “MY CREATIVES” tab in the top menu and review or order any of your saved designs.

Most importantly, have fun with your chosen design! Adjust the options to your liking, or just experiment to see what looks good. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with the powerful options found in our design wizard, you’ll have sharp, professional looking business cards, flyers, or postcards in no time! 

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