Friday, May 29, 2015

Modern-Day Postcards

 We love when we get a handwritten postcards from friends visiting exotic, sunny locales. Though we wish we got more of them – we’re suckers for the personal touch – it doesn’t happen very often. 

Facebook and Instagram made sure of that. The logic is understandable: Why agonize over different ways to write “Wish you were here!” when you can blast pictures of your totally awesome, celebrity-like, jet-setting life to everyone and their mothers in cyberspace?

And yet, the postcard still lives. We receive fun and colorful postcards quite frequently, just not with the traditional postage stamp or the picture of the sunset backlighting lush palm trees.

Postcards have evolved with the times and have adapted to the digital era, becoming more customized and more personal. They are the new harbingers of good times and milestones, benefitting greatly from the clarity of HD photos and state-of-the-art graphic design programs.

Modern-day postcards are full of witty quotes, fun fonts, and all-around eye-candy. Sometimes they’re so clever or so lovely that they dominate prime fridge real estate for months on end.

Here are the types of postcards we love getting in our mailboxes:

1.     The Save-the-Date

2.     The Graduation Invitation


3.     The Birthday Invitation


4.     The Bridal Shower Invitation


5.     The Baby Shower Invitation


6.     The Family Holiday Postcard


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