Monday, June 1, 2015

Work/Life Balance: Six tips for entrepreneurs

So, you thought becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business was going to be all about making your own hours and having more time with loved ones, right? This is rarely the case.
Oftentimes, having poured blood, sweat, and tears into an endeavor, it's common for a small business owner to be the hardest working member of the team.
Wake up at work, coffee fueled nights, and groggy mornings. This causes a buildup of stress that isn't good for your health, outlook, or effectiveness to running your business.
How can you achieve a work/life balance that will leave you happier and a better business person? Here are some tips:
1.) Hire people that are good at the things you're terrible at- and then trust them:
Micromanaging something you don't fully understand can not only be frustrating for an employee, but result in a substandard product at the finish.
Save on stress by allowing employees the creativity to flow. You can always give the final ok on the finished product.
2.) Work your best schedule:
If you can't stay awake after 9:00 P.M., you shouldn't be doing your bookkeeping at midnight. Get some rest, wake up fresh, and complete your most important projects when your energy is high and you're feeling your best.
Likewise, if you're a night owl, code that website @ 3:00 AM instead of bright and early. You'll get your work done distraction free.
3.) Document your workflow:
This will help you prioritize your own time and if you ever need assistance on a complex project, the notes may prove to be a valuable resource for anyone helping you out.
4.) If possible, separate duties:
While this largely depends on the size of your business, it's generally a good idea to leave the sales to the sales people, and the marketing to marketing people.
5.) Hire the right people for the job:
Hire qualified individuals who'll pick up new skills quickly. They'll be better equipped to handle the inevitable hurdles that every business will face.
6.) Morale is important
Happy employees and coworkers can be the difference between a "Winning" attitude vs. an "Quitting" attitude when faced with exceptionally difficult tasks, customer interaction, and going the extra mile.

As a team of serial entrepreneurs, we hope our advice can help lead you to a happier, more fulfilling, less stressful life!

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