Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to Promote Your Business with Postcards

Although digital marketing is the hot trend for advertising businesses, direct-mail marketing remains a powerful promotional tool that can actually reap a greater response when targeted at the right people. Online advertising just can’t quite replace the personal touch and hard-to-dismiss presence of the marketing postcard in the mailbox.

Want to drive up sales and increase your business’ visibility and likability factor? Consider employing one of the following ways the businesses can use postcards to attract more customers.

Offer Discounts and Coupon Codes

We get plenty of promotional offers in our e-mail inboxes, but most of them are seen as junk or spam that we click away in mild irritation. Out of sight, out of mind. But postcard marketing can target people who are interested in your product and services and more local. Make sure to put your company website with your special coupon code, which you can also track and see what people respond to.

Event Invites

A cute or striking invite in the mail will always flatter the recipient. People like feeling like VIPs, and you should treat them as such if they are particularly loyal customers of your business. In-store special events that is only open to a select group of your clientele is a great way to introduce new products and services to the subsect of your customers with a high chance of taking you up on your offers. It’s also great for word-of-mouth marketing and free social media exposure, as people will likely share their VIP experience.

Appointment Reminders

Do you provide services that your clients should be doing regularly (such as physical check-ups, cleanings, etc.)? A gentle, thoughtful reminder from your business can work highly in your favor. Upon receiving your postcard reminder, people will be more inclined to call your office and make an appointment. You’ll also come off as a business that cares about its customers and keeps track of their visits.

Birthday Wishes and Gifts

If you’re company collects private information like birthdates, you can use that information to send lovely birthday card wishes via postcard with an accompanying gift or discount at little cost to you. Seeming like a friend as opposed to a money-hungry entity will go a long way in inspiring customer loyalty and boosting your company image.

Thank You Cards

Another way to encourage repeat business is sending the occasional, ever gracious thank you card. Always show your clients that you appreciate their business, because their patronage keeps your doors open and your employees available to serve. You can also include coupon codes as a token of your gratitude.

Updates and Newsletters

Going back to the original purpose of postcards – giving people updates on where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. The purpose of the newsletter style of the postcard is to purely keep your business in the public consciousness and establish yourself as the go-to business in your industry, a company that’s always on the move and striving to improve itself for the benefit of its customers.

Postcard marketing can be a powerful, cost-effective call to action that will attract people to your business. Businesses large and small still rely on them to keep in touch with customers in a meaningful and noteworthy way. Postcards function more than a method of advertising. When incorporated as part of your business routine, recipients will appreciate them as your communication style – thoughtful, pleasant, and personal in the best of ways.

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