Friday, June 5, 2015

5 ways to use to print to your advantage

Getting eyes on your brand and message is hard in a saturated marketplace. Here are five ways you can use print to your advantage and gain exposure.

1.) Distribute print at trade shows and meetings of professional organizations.

It is important to have a business card at a trade show, it is, in fact the most important piece of print, but you can still add fire power. A 3x5 or 4x6 flyer or postcard for a handout can act as a "resume" for your brand or company, provide more detailed information about products and services, and serve as a vehicle for eye catching visuals, distinguishing you from the crowd. You'll be more than just a name and a logo to your audience.

2.) Place posters and flyers at local businesses.

Many businesses, from grocery stores to coffee shops, have a cork board or rack for notices, upcoming shows, and other print. Ask local businesses if it would be O.K. to post or leave some print in their designated area. This is an effective way of direct advertising, in essence a miniature billboard.

3.) Distribute print at events

For instance, if you're an artist or musician, have flyers with the date and location of your next show. Business cards with your contact information, and printed CD covers for your album go far to build your fan base. Hand these out to everyone. You can bet the crowd there is interested in future events and other artists with a similar aesthetic.

4.) Carry your business cards in your day to day life.

You've chosen the local pub for a happy hour where others in your industry congregate for a pint, and you've got a pocket full of business cards to help make it a networking event for you. Have a sip to be sociable, and start talking with those around you. People are a lot more approachable in such a relaxed environment, and it's a great location to bring up your company and what you do.

5.) Have print in and around your business!

If you don't have business cards, informational flyers, banners, and posters in and around your businesses' location, you're losing potential customers, it's that simple. Customers want reference material about your products and services, contact information and locations. Sales flyers can give your business a huge boost in foot traffic. You want as many eyes on your business as possible, and a sign on top of your location can only goe so far for exposure.

Speak with other businesses nearby as well, and ask if they'd let you display some of your print material. It can help to offer to display some of theirs in exchange.

IF people know you exist, you will stay in business, and print can help build a solid customer base. Building your customer base is the first step to word of mouth recommendations, and household name status.

Use print; gain business.

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