Friday, June 26, 2015

Less is More: Simple Business Cards that Pack a Punch

Being the business pro that you are, you’ve got your company set up, your financials on point, your goods and services perfected. Check, check, check. You’ve had to become a master of a lot of things, so how hard could designing a business card be?

Turns out, there are an infinite number of ways your creativity can go, and it can be frustrating trying to come up with the perfect design that embodies everything that your company does and represents.

Keep it simple. Sometimes, the more you try to cram, the less you get your message across. People respond to uncomplicated images and symbols that succinctly communicate an idea. And simple, clean designs have the added appeal of not needing too much time or effort to look world-class.

If you’re still banging your head trying to find a design for your business card, consider these beautiful no-brainer designs.

1.)   Say Something

Make your business card the start or follow up of a conversation. All you need is a pop of color and friendly text, and voila, you have a business card.

2.)    Shorthand Symbols

Most people are visual learners, and the brain processes images and symbols a lot faster than it processes letters and words. The card below is very clear about what the business is about without having to explain anything.

3.)  Smart Use of Color

It’s funny how one bold color can elicit an immediate reaction from the viewer. And that’s what you want to do – grab their attention. The judicial use of a very few colors in your design, especially if you can tie it in to the actual work you do like the design below, is both simple to achieve and bold to behold.

4.)   Take a Picture

There is a reason people say a picture is worth a thousand words. You can stand out from the crowd of the oh-so-hot minimalist designs by using one stunning, visually interesting photograph, like this template from Not only is the image both interesting and arresting, it can add a personal touch as well.

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